About Us

Fabick, Inc. was founded in late 1992 with the goal to become the most recognized expert in the sprayed-on, protective coatings industry, and later to market its knowledge to others in the form of Dealerships.

To accomplish this goal, Fabick began as applicators of sprayed-on pickup truck bedliners in 1993. What began, as a retail operation serving Southern Wisconsin gradually became a regional network of dealers in five midwestern states. Now, thanks in large part to the success of its patented technology, the company is building a national network to handle the expanding Fabick product line.

From the outset Fabick was an innovative retailer, consulting with suppliers on ways to improve the quality of chemical coatings and the mechanical equipment used to apply them. Since Fabick personnel were also spraying thousands of truck beds, dump truck, vans, trailers, utility boxes and other industrial products they were able to refine the application techniques. In part, this experience resulted in the development of a number of company patents and registered trademarks. Our most recognized trademarks and patents are our Poured-On® technology, our Heavyweight Liner, and of course our name Fabick®.

Thanks to our financial commitment to research and development, Fabick is able to assure customers that its quality levels are unmatched in the industry. When our Dealers buy a dealership from Fabick, they’re dealing with a company that’s not afraid to get its hands dirty finding out what works . . . and what doesn’t! United States Law protects our technology; only our Dealers have exclusive rights to use our technology.

Fabick has always operated on a simple principle – quality is more important than quantity. Only after both chemical products and application techniques had been tested and the quality established did Fabick begin building a dealer network. Once again, the main priority is quality. Fabick is working to establish a quality dealer network, not necessarily the largest dealer network. That’s why only applicants who already operate a successful, established businesses are accepted. At Fabick, quality is a vital part of the corporate DNA.

President and founder Joseph G. “Jay” Fabick Jr. is simply taking proven business principles three generations of his family learned while building a successful Caterpillar franchise, and applying them to the bedliner industry.

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