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A Fabick aromatic polyurethane being Poured-On® a truck bed as an industrial protective coating. 


An affordable, 100% solids coating, formulated for spray and pour applications and applied through high-pressure, high-temperature, plural-component, dispensing equipment.


Aromatic polyurethane coatings provide cost-effective protection when applied under the proper environmental conditions. Application may be limited by temperature and humidity.

A Fabick aromatic polyurethane coating applied to the dump bed of a city municipality truck.
A aromatic polyurea / polyurethane hybrid coating applied as a pipe coating.


A mid-level priced, 100% solids hybrid coating, specifically formulated for spray applications requiring a high-performance coating with excellent abrasion, weather, and chemical resistance.


This hybrid coating offers improved performance against environmental impacts associated with traditional aromatic polyurethanes.


A aromatic polyurea / polyurethane hybrid coating applied to the underside of a mower deck as an anti-stick coating.
A containment tank coated with a Fabick aromatic polyurea coating.


A top-of-the-line, 100% solids elastomer coating, formulated for spray applications and used as a high-performance coating for commercial and industrial applications. It may be applied through high pressure, high-temperature, plural-component, one-to-one dispensing equipment. This coating provides superior performance against environmental impacts present during application and is specifically designed for applications requiring the maximum degree of impact, abrasion, and corrosion resistance.

A Fabick aromatic polyurea coating spray applied to a lift station for increased protection against environmental elements.
A Fabick aliphatic coating applied to an equipment utility base.


A 100% solids polyurea, polyurethane, or hybrid coating, formulated as a high-performance, UV-resistant, and color-stable spray or pour coating.


This coating is recommended when the application requires color stability to limit fading or color change resulting from environmental factors.


A Fabick aliphatic coating applied to mixing blades.
Epoxy coating spray applied to bond together crushed stone used in slope paving.


A two-part, resin-based, slow-cure, hard coating that is typically hand applied without the need for special equipment.


With the proper equipment and application techniques, it can also be used in spray applications.


Epoxy coating spray applied to bond together crushed stone used in slope paving.

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