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Fabick Poured-On® Liner applied to a dump truck box.
Fabick sprayed-on liner applied to a flatbed truck.
Fabick Poured-On® Liner used to protect the bed of a dump truck.

Bonds Directly To The Metal

If you are looking to increase your profits and equipment performance, a Fabick truck liner is the answer.  Protect your investment from rust and abrasion while providing a durable, seamless, airtight surface that uses no bolts or hardware for installation.  This liner is Sprayed and Poured-On.


Fabick sprayed-on liner applied to a dump trailer.
Fabick sprayed-on liner applied off-highway dump truck.

Increase Slide and Reduce Material Build-Up

A custom Fabick liner covers every crevice and contour of your entire dump box.  This unique polyurea material creates a smooth, seamless surface that promotes payload release while reducing material retention.


Our customers and tests report that Fabick liners eliminate the use of expensive or hazardous release agents.  They also say asphalt, aggregate, snow, sand, and top soil all release clean.

A Fabick coating applied to a dump trailer for protection and increase release.
Fabick sprayed-on liner and Poured-On® Liner applied to a dump trailer.
Fabick Poured-On® Liner applied to municipality dump trucks.
A Fabick product applied to the box of a dump truck.

Repairable Wear Surface

A dump box is subjected to daily abrasive use.  Let our product be that wear surface.  Like all wear surfaces, at some point, the high wear areas will need maintenance.  Because our material is Sprayed and Poured-On, these areas can be "spot repaired" eliminating the need to reline the entire box.  During the initial application, these areas are identified and additional material is applied to help ensure uniform wear.

Fabick sprayed-on liner applied to a dump trailer.
Fabick sprayed-on liner applied to a dump truck.

New or Used

Not just for new boxes, this strong durable material is ideal for resurfacing used boxes that have been worn and need repair.  Dump truck floors eventually wear thin and sag between the support ribs.  The Fabick process allows for leveling and restoration of the dump body floor.  A Fabick liner is also lighter and a more cost-effective alternative to a steel replacement.

A dump box before a Fabick coating was applied to protect the dump box.

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