Industrial Coatings

Industrial & Custom Coatings

FabickŪ protection - tough enough to last:

FabickŪ coatings are a unique combination of poly(urea)urethane polymers that protect surfaces from impact and abrasion, rust algae, chemicals and water. These coatings significantly prolong surface life. And, since they are custom applied, FabickŪ coatings always look great. Our coatings can be applied to new or used equipment.

We can make it stick:

Fabick's proprietary application technology enables coatings to be applied under high pressure and/or high temperature for effective coating of horizontal and vertical surfaces or semi-enclosed cavities. Coating gel times range from a few seconds to a few minutes, no bolts, holes, adhesives or fasteners are required. Coatings cure to a tough, yet flexible, material that is almost always stronger than the original material.

Protection for almost every surface:

Because no surfaces are alike, FabickŪ has developed proven coatings for a variety of applications.

These coatings include:

  • light industrial applications including pickup and utility truck beds.
  • industrial/high temperature applications including dump truck and asphalt haulers
  • UV-Stable, weather-resistant coatings
  • algae-resistant coatings
  • chemical-resistant for floors and containment tanks
  • and more...

With the correct coatings for any use, and Fabick's application technology, you can spray your way to fame and fortune by becoming a licensed Fabick Dealer.



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