Joint Seal

At last! A stable, fast-curing compound for filling cracks, sealing joints, attaching sensors or sensitive equipment.

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Fabick Joint Seal is looking for a challenge
- if you need something sealed, coated, covered,
protected, filled, seamed, or jointed - and nothing else has worked...
Fabick can help, and you NEED to see FJS in action.

  • Longer Lasting than tar/rubber fillers
  • More stable and durable than seam sealants and joint sealers
  • Better adhesion, better weather and temperature ranges than construction adhesives
  • Bonds to metals, asphalt, concrete, wood, brick, rubber and combination surfaces
  • Ideal for placing and immobilizing sensors and equipment in rugged environments
  • Field-proven in construction, highway repair, heavy equipment traffic, high-load and stress conditions

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