Many Uses for Coatings

It's a hard, cruel world, but that's why FabickŪ is in business. Here are just a few of the many markets that can benefit from our coatings.

Truck Owners

FabickŪ coatings permanently protect their
investment from rust, dents and abrasion. Our coatings can be applied to new or used equipment.   
Trailer Owners                                              

Protect and prolong the life of steel or wood decking.

Boat Owners, decking and hulls

Nonskid surface protects the deck while coating the hull, stops leaks, reduces noise levels and provides for easier cleaning.

Municipalities, Sand/Gravel, Road Construction, Landscaping Firms

FabickŪ coatings reinforce the beds of heavy-duty trucks while sliding loads off easier. Our liners have been used to line asphalt equipment at 375°F with no recorded failures due to heat.

Delivery Companies

Protect truck beds, bumpers and cabinets from heavy use and abuse.

Restaurants and Food Service

FabickŪ coatings permanently seal concrete floors for better wear and sanitation while meeting USDA incidental food contact requirements.

Food, Medical, Chemical Processors

Prolong process tank life by resisting many harsh chemicals and forming a water barrier.

Public Utilities

Help manholes and sewer pipes resist freeze/thaw cycles and harsh chemicals.

Sewage Treatment Facilities

Provide slick surfaces so algae and other debris can be easily removed.

FabickŪ coatings have thousands of uses, so there are plenty of ways to spray your way to fame and fortune by becoming a licensed dealer.


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