The Heavyweight

 Poured-On + Sprayed-On = Unbeatable Toughness


Fabick® is pleased to offer a one of a kind liner that no one else in the industry can offer.  The HEAVYWEIGHT® combines our exclusive Poured-On® toughness with our anti-skid Sprayed-On liner for a uniform appearance of the most durable liner available.  Get the maximum advantage in a bedliner and add to the resale value of your vehicle at the same time!

By using Fabick's Patented Poured-On® technology combined with the textured Sprayed-On liner you end up with a completely smooth and level box floor.

The Hammer Test proves that if you want the most durable liner that money can buy for your truck then you need Fabick's HEAVYWEIGHT® Liner

No competition:
Only Fabick® dealers are permitted by law to offer this breakthrough technology to their customers. This is a patented process and the Poured On® and Heavyweight® names are  registered trademarks. No competitor can touch it. Talk about a competitive advantage!

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