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Fabick sprayed-on coating applied to a utility truck.
Fabick sprayed-on pickup truck coating applied to the bed of a pickup truck in black.
55 gallon drums of finished product of Fabick’s industrial coating.

Fabick, Inc. is located in Madison, Wisconsin and is privileged to have been serving our customers for over twenty-five years. As an innovator in the coating and sealant industries, Fabick offers a wide range of polyurea and polyurethane coatings and sealants for use across a variety of markets. Fabick also maintains a state-of-the-art laboratory to ensure the quality of its existing products; to research and develop new products; and to facilitate customers in identifying the best applications or products based on their specific needs.


Fabick began as an applicator of sprayed-on pickup truck bedliners in 1993. Originally a retail operation serving Southern Wisconsin, Fabick was a pioneer in the protective coatings industry, consulting with suppliers on ways to improve the quality of chemical coatings and the mechanical equipment used to apply them. Since Fabick personnel were also spraying thousands of truck beds, dump trucks, vans, trailers, utility boxes, and other industrial products, they were able to refine the application techniques. In the 90s, Fabick developed and patented its Poured On®  liner application technique and subsequently developed its most durable Heavyweight®  liner.


Fabick expanded its application knowledge and capabilities by investing in a Mobile Unit, allowing for the application of its coatings to specialty or over-sized items on-site at customer locations. Fabick also uses the Mobile Unit in conjunction with its rock or slope paving jobs for highway and road construction projects.


Capitalizing off its innovation and success in the coatings industry, Fabick expanded into the sealants market in 2001 and, ultimately, introduced its POUR-PACTM sealant for use in the installation of road sensors. Since 2007, Fabick has developed its sealant products to include solutions for traffic, highway, parking, and weather sensors.


Thanks to its financial commitment to research and development, Fabick is able to assure customers that its quality levels are unmatched in the industry. When customers buy a product from Fabick, they’re dealing with a company that’s not afraid to get its hands dirty finding out what works . . . and what doesn’t!  Fabick has always operated on a simple principle—quality is more important than quantity. At Fabick, quality is a vital part of the corporate DNA.


President and founder Joseph G. “Jay” Fabick, Jr. is simply taking proven business principles that he has learned over four decades of building and growing successful businesses, and applying them to the coating and sealant industries. Principles that his children continue to follow as third generation members of the family business striving to maintain Fabick's reputation as an expert in the coating and sealant industries.

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