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Pour-Pac MP-55 is a two component, semi-self-leveling sealant packaged in a easy 2 to 1 cartridge.

POUR-PAC     MP-55



POUR-PAC MP-55 is an easy-to-use, two-component, semi-self-leveling sealant with fast cure times, excellent chemical resistance, water impermeability, thermal stability, and adhesion to concrete. The material can be applied in extreme temperatures and is tack free within minutes allowing traffic lanes to be re-opened in less than an hour and reducing the cost of lane closures, traffic congestion, and travel time delays. Minimizing the duration of lane closures also enhances worker’s safety by limiting their exposure to traffic and it enhances safety for the traveling public by limiting disruption to the normal traffic flow.


POUR-PAC MP-55 has been used world-wide with node-type traffic and weather sensors for the last decade. The material comes packaged in a convenient 450ml cartridge system, making it an ideal traffic sensor sealant due to its simplified application process, on-ratio dispensing, and minimal physical contact with the chemical components.


Available in black, orange, or custom tinting upon request.

Manual Dual Applicator Gun


POUR-PAC MP-55 is applied using a manual dual applicator gun.  This item may be purchased from Fabick. Please call for pricing.


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